January 17, 2021

Zyppah Review: Does It Really Work?

Zyppah ReviewThis Zyppah Review will clarify any doubt you have about this product. I understand that you may be confused about how Zyppah works and about the hundreds of anti-snoring products there are on the market, there are so many choices that making a decision can be really hard. First of all you should know why you snore. When you go to sleep, your muscles relaxes. This means that if you snore, your tongue and the soft tissues relax causing an obstruction in your airway and producing the vibration sounds we know as snoring sounds. Generally, a common mouthpiece (better known as mandibular advancement device) works for both cases as it pulls your jaw a little bit forward keeping the airway unobstructed, but if your tongue is the reason behind your snoring, you may better need a tongue stabilizer device so your tongue stays in its place while you sleep.

Zyppah works as a regular mandibular advancement device and it works as a tongue stabilizer as well as it has a thin elastic band to hold your tongue, so it offers two solutions in one single product. It comes in two different sizes, for females and for males and it includes the case. You can get it customized by using the boil and bite method and cleaning it is super easy as the design is very simple and it does not have any crevices, just some water and toothpaste is all you need to clean it. It also comes with instructions and a 30 day trial period! Want to know more information about it? Here you will find more!