January 17, 2021

Are Costco Wedding Bands Worth It?

Wedding Bands have been used for decades as the fateful representation on the circle of love, that lasts for eternity never ending. The bands are exchange during the ceremony and it is one of the most important events during the wedding. There are a lot of different styles for all different taste that goes from classic to modern designs using golds or white gold.

The most popular place to buy them is obviously Tiffany and you can find very similar pieces at Costco, although after Tiffany Lawsuit, some may have been taken away. You may think they are inexpensive, but the most expensive costco wedding bands are worth $40,000. Real diamonds, only Costco is not at same category than Tiffany when it comes to jewelry, where you can find wedding bands starting from $11,000 at Tiffany.

However, diamonds experts have stated that Costco diamonds are of far better quality than any other store. Opinions differ in different wedding forums, because the brand seems not worthy enough but the diamonds really are. One thing to take into account however, is that at Costco, resize of rings is not an option. However, you can buy it all at one place at they are also selling corsages in bulk and very nice bouquets.