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"Upsize misses your SEO services. Our website has never done as well as it was doing when you were in charge. We've run into companies that have talked a good game, but they've not performed all that well."

- Wesley Bergstrom,
Upsize Magazine

"We are swamped with the initial responses from our WWTE web site and thus would like to cut back by 50% the promotion on that site."

- R. A. McNae

Internet Marketing to Minimize your Cost per Customer Acquired -- Now that's ROI!

In the last few years marketers have discovered what many of us have known since the beginning of the Web -- the Internet is a social medium, where people connect with one another, share information and conduct business. It is not a broadcast medium, it is interactive and demand driven. It's not Web 2.0, it's Web 101.

The diagram below illustrates ROI's view of online marketing and how it can be used to manage your cost per action and improve the return on your marketing investment.

Tactics at the top of the cube bear the lowest cost per action (CPA) and bring the best return for your marketing investment (ROI). Rapport building tactics in order of return on investment (ROI) include: customer referral and viral marketing, search engine optimization, link building and online PR, email to your own email list
Advertising tactics in order of return on investment (ROI) include: Pay-per-click search advertising, affiliate/partnering programs, email sponsorship, text and pop-up ads, banner advertising.
Your online marketing strategy should be composed of a combination of these tactics fine tuned to provide the desired cost per action.

Rapport Online inc will Lower your Cost Per Customer Aquisition -- Guaranteed!

What You Can Expect

Website marketing begins with the definition of the website. Building a website and then deciding how it will be promoted is rather like constructing a building and then deciding what kind of roads, water supply, electric service, etc. that it will need. The website needs to be part of your online marketing plan and should have a plan for how it will be promoted.

The main road to most websites, today, is the search engine. Most website developers have caught on to this fact and promise "search engine friendly" websites, but, as the song goes, "Everybody's talking 'bout heaven ain't goin' there." ROI has been creating search engine friendly websites for over 14 years -- we can demonstrate results.

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When you create a business plan or marketing plan, the first step is a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.) ROI provides an online marketing version of this called the Web Visibility Analysis and Action Plan. This is basically a comparison of where your website stands in terms of popularity and visibility vs. your key competitors and actions you might take to get ahead of them or stay ahead as the case may be. The charge for this service is modest and often waived if a website development or marketing contract results.

Perhaps you already know your website lags far behind your competition and don't see any point to competitive analysis. There are a variety of tactics that people use to promote their websites. The analysis gives you insight into the tactics being used by the competition allowing us to plan how to catch up and leapfrog ahead of them.

Perhaps you already know your website leads the competition. The analysis will give you insight into tactics they may be using to catch up and even get ahead. On the Web if you don't innovate you may die -- the once dominant Yahoo is a poster child for this phenomenon.

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If you are considering advertising in search engine results or want to improve the performance of your current search engine advertising program, ROI will be happy to help. Whether you want an agency that manages your SEM program on an ongoing basis, or just want help getting your campaigns set up so that you can manage the program yourself, ROI can bring you results.

The program manager assigned to you is Google AdWords Certified and trained and experienced with the other major pay per click platforms, including comparative shopping platforms, such as PriceGrabber.

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Learn more about the Web Visibility Analysis and Action Plan.




Now that's ROI!

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